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We have something for those of you who are learning to speak and write English.

“The Headline Hero” – for advanced writers who want to give their headlines more power

If you’re writing to persuade people to buy, you need a great headline.

Indeed, it’s been said that the headline carries 90% of an advertisement’s power. The body copy – the actual writing – only accounts for 10% of the total impact.

A great headline will capture your readers’ attention and get them to sample your first paragraph, whereas a weak headline (or no headline at all) will guarantee they won’t even read your first sentence.


Volume 1


The Headline Hero’s two books in Kindle format are far more than just a list of headlines.

Volume 1 explains the psychology of how and why people buy.

Then volume 2 gives more than 200 headline templates for you to mould to your own circumstances.

Here’s what some readers have said:

“I’ve read both volumes from cover to cover: they are simply brilliant. “

“At last I understand the importance of a good headline.”

See how it can work for you too.

This isn’t just a list of other people’s headlines – it’s a comprehensive guide to increasing your readership and sales.


Volume 1 – Learn How The Experts Do It – Grab Your Reader’s Attention
Volume 2 – Learn How The Experts Do It – 100 Powerful Templates You Can Use