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Do you worry that your customers or clients won’t understand your message?

That they will go to your competitors whose marketing is easier to understand?

Well let us do your writing for you – effectively and economically.

Simple proof-reading starts at £10 per 1,000 words – a small price to pay for the confidence of knowing it’s guaranteed to be correct.

Writing is our passion

Marketing literature we have written has generated more than £50 million in sales.

If you want to lead the way in your industry or niche, make sure you hire a winning team to write your sales pitch.

Our services are many and varied: some we charge for, others we give you free – with our compliments. Our main purpose is not to make a lot of money (though some would be nice) but rather to promote the cause of good written English.

Over time, this website will develop into an authoritative resource of articles and tips, where people at all levels of learning can improve their written English skills. As with most skills, there can be no substitute for practice. The more you write, the better you will become – I guarantee it.


With modern spell-checkers, the work of the proof-reader may seem much reduced.

But take the words ‘their’, ‘there’ and ‘they’re’. No spell-checker will highlight them – they are all correctly spelled – but in every instance two of them will be wrong. Then there are the pretentious words that go awry.

I once edited a newsletter where the writer described a method of remembering as ‘pneumonic’. It’s a correctly spelled word, but has nothing at all to do with remembering. The word he intended was ‘mnemonic’ – which most people wouldn’t have understood anyway.

Want to hire us?

If you have a letter, an essay, a sales e-mail, a website page or any other piece of written English you want to create, the cheapest and most effective way is to write it out as well as you can, send it to us, and we will re-write it as necessary. That’s copy-editing.

Of course, the best work will start with a clearly written brief where we write from scratch. Although not the cheapest, that is certainly the most professional way to get the job done.

That’s copywriting.

We will always agree a price in advance, and stick to it.

Our past work has included all of the following:


Well-written, grammatically correct, interesting pages of text are our speciality. We also undertake search engine optimisation for our web text assignments.

Magazine articles

We often ghost-write magazine articles for people who are experts in their field but whose written English is less than perfect. We have the satisfaction of seeing an informative article transformed into a well written piece of text, while the client has the satisfaction of seeing their expert ideas expressed clearly and unambiguously. All their readers can then appreciate the value of the content without being distracted by unnecessary mistakes or clumsy writing.

Press releases

Although the style of a press release is often different from other forms of writing, it is important that the content is expressed in words that a news editor can copy and paste, without the need for endless re-writing. They are busy people: they aren’t searching for unnecessary work.

Sales letters

Whether paper copy or e-mail, a sales letter has to grab the reader’s attention with a strong headline, hold it with interesting copy while they read your message, then persuade them to buy your product or service.


If you’re spending hundreds (maybe even thousands) producing a glossy brochure for your holiday home investments, you certainly don’t want it riddled with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or clumsy text.

Software User Manuals

Most copywriters shy away from such projects! But someone has to do them and, for an appropriate fee, we can always be persuaded. It will be fun and you will have a great product at the end.

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