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Keywords and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You hear a lot about keywords and search engine optimisation (SEO), but how much of it is just gobbledygook?

If Google and the other search engines told the world how they decide on which link appears at what position in their search results, everyone would follow the same approach and every site would have to be at number one.

So when someone tells you they have the ‘secret miracle formula’ for getting on Google’s front page, they are being less than truthful with you. They have no possible way of knowing how it’s done.

It’s my impression that the mighty Google is developing ever more sophisticated ways of measuring real quality of information on websites. So if a surfer uses ‘how to write good English’ or even ‘write good English’ as a search term, they will find this website – www.Queensenglish.co.uk – on the first page. Not always at the top but certainly on the first page.

Now, I don’t know anything at all about Google’s magic formula, but I recognise well-written, good quality content when I see it. And I like to believe that’s why this site has such a high ranking.

The importance of a good headline

When writing for the web, you can easily waste a lot of money. Although Google is good at assessing quality and readability, I believe it hasn’t yet developed a method of assessing persuasiveness.

Of course I may be wrong …

But, in any piece of writing, the first task is to get people to start reading, and that’s the job of the headline.

Whether it leads you on to a sub-headline, or straight into the body of the text, its success will be judged by whether or not the reader continues reading. There’s no point in spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on well-written text if no-one ever reads it.

It’s often said that the headline carries more than 90% of the power on a web page.

So, if the headline is weak or non-existent there is a 90% chance that no-one will read your valuable text.

Don’t take the risk!

How to Write Winning Headlines

I’ve just published an eBook which takes you by the hand and helps you create magnificent, effective headlines.

Not only does it give great examples of headlines that have worked in the past, it also explains the psychology of persuasion and shows you how to choose the best approach for your particular product or service.

Get fantastic headlines here

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