The basics of style

English is more than one language. Apart from U.K. (Queen’s) English, there’s obviously U.S. English. But where did it all start? Because the UK has been invaded countless times over the centuries, its language is an amalgam of many tongues. The Roman occupation some 2,000 years ago lasted 400 years, so much of our vocabulary […]

English is a worldwide language

If you are reading this comfortably, you could be one of the 375 million people worldwide who speak English as their first or main language. Just think of the countries that includes – United Kingdom Ireland USA much of Canada Australia New Zealand South Africa There are many other smaller countries and I apologise to […]

Good English – why bother?

The purpose of words Words are just raw materials; but what a difference the hand of the craftsman can make! Just as the skilful carpenter creates a work of art by his craftsmanship and selection of tools, so the trained writer turns simple words into magnificent sentences by a careful choice of shape, rhythm, weight […]