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Why Bother To Write Good English?

You will increase your sales

More than 1,000 million people throughout the world speak and write English: 375 million as their first or main language and almost 700 million as their second or third. If you want to communicate with them, influence them or do business with them, it makes sense to learn how to write good English.

Whether writing persuasively to influence or sell, creatively to entertain, or just plain writing, your first aim is communication. There’s no mystery about writing good English – it isn’t some sort of black art – it’s just an attempt to get your message across as clearly and simply as you can.

How to write good English

If you want to write good English, start off by speaking your message out loud, then write it down word for word – just as you spoke it. For some reason people often see writing as different from talking: they feel pressure to be formal. Compare that with conventions in dress.

As recently as twenty years ago, businessmen were obliged to wear a smart suit with a white shirt and tie. Nowadays, I can’t remember the last time I saw someone wearing a white shirt, and even a tie is a rarity. Does that make them any less capable? Hardly! Just relax and let the words flow.

It’s all about style

This illustrates fairly simply the difference that style can make. Even in quite formal documents it is commonplace nowadays to see “it’s” rather than “it is” or “can’t” rather than “cannot”. As long as your reader understands exactly what you’re trying to say, you’ve achieved your objective.

But if they don’t understand, you have potentially failed in two quite separate ways. First, your important message hasn’t got across, so you have lost the sale (or whatever you were aiming to achieve), and second, you appear to be unprofessional because you have committed errors of spelling or grammar.

Don’t take the risk – let us write it for you

Whether you’re creating a website, writing a sales letter, designing promotional literature, or preparing an article for a magazine, the success and reputation of your business depend on excellent persuading skills. An educated reader will never forgive you for poor English. Even a single instance of incorrect spelling or grammar will stand out like the handles on a sports cup.

The easy way to guarantee quality may not be as expensive as you fear. Hire a professional you will be pleased you did. We will always provide a free estimate of cost and, more important, stick to it.

If you still want to go it alone, this site contains hints and tips to help you write good English. But if it all seems a little daunting – and you would prefer to have some help – just send us an e-mail.

Whether it’s proof-reading, copy editing, copywriting for the web, article writing, ghost writing, or any other form of writing, we’d be delighted to help.

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